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Large Commercial Safe Unlock and Lock Replacement

    Today Direct Locksmith has completed the opening and complete locking mechanism replacement for a large, commercial, high security safe. This customer reached out to us after they forgot the combination to their large commercial safe and they were unable to find any company willing to unlock the safe for them. Our safe cracker specialist was able to assist them by drilling open the safe and replacing the complete locking mechanism repairing the safe to complete working order without any compromise to their security. At Direct Locksmith we are constantly improving our safe cracking skills and expanding our knowledge so that we can assist our customers with any safe lockout or safe repair If you have a problem with a safe in your home or at your business, call Direct Locksmith at 416-477-5533 for the highest quality safe repair services and safe unlocking services. Below is a list of some of the services we can provide for your commercial or personal safe:

    • Lost safe key
    • Safe key doesn`t turn
    • Safe key stuck inside lock
    • Key turns but safe remains locked
    • Digital safe keypad not working
    • Digital safe keycode not working
    • Safe Lock is jammed
    • The key turns but doesn’t lock the safe
    • Attempted Safe Break-in repair
    • Difficult to turn safe lock

    If you are ever in need of a Safe Cracker, Safe Repair, or Safe Drilling expert, then give Direct Locksmith a call at 416-477-5533.

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