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Porsche 994 1986 – All Keys Lost

    Porsche 994 1986 – All Keys Lost – Car Key Replacement

    Direct Locksmith received a call for a Porsche 994 1986 where the customer had lost all the keys for the car. The customer was able to tow the vehicle to our shop in North York where our Porsche expert was able to create a key for the vehicle so that they could drive it home! Creating a car key for a Porsche that is almost 40 years old is quite a specialized service that not many locksmiths in the country are able to do.

    If you have a Porsche trust the experts at Direct Locksmith to create a key for you, we are much faster than the dealership and much cheaper.

    Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your 1986 Porsche 994 and allowing us to take these pictures of your beautiful car, we hope you enjoy your new car keys!


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