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We Made A New Car Key for a Porsche Panamera 2016 Hybrid!

    Porsche Panamera 2016 – Duplicate Push-to-Start Car Key FOB

    Direct Locksmith has created a Push-to-Start car key FOB for a Porsche Panamera 2016, the owner brought the vehicle down over the weekend to get a spare key. Direct Locksmith was able to duplicate the key fob for less than the dealership and the customer had a spare car key that same day! Don’t wait months for the dealership to order you a new car key, get your spare or replacement car key today by calling Direct Locksmith. Our expert Porsche locksmiths can create new car keys in Toronto while you wait, we are always cheaper and more convenient than the dealership. Direct Locksmith is one of the leading automotive locksmith companies in Canada.

    You can trust Direct Locksmith with all your luxury vehicles from Porsche to McLaren, Direct Locksmith has the latest technology available to create high quality and long-lasting replacement car keys. Direct Locksmith can also repair ignitions, unlock your car’s trunk, and provide emergency roadside assistance. Call Direct Locksmith today for your Porsche Car Key 416-477-5533.

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